National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on (NEAFO) Resources

The NEAFO further develops and promotes the arguments put forward in the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (2011). Ten work packages aim to make the findings and of the National Ecosystem Assessment applicable to decision and policy making at a range of scales and to a range of stakeholders across the UK. Short summaries of the ten work packages can be on the NEAFO website.

Work Package 1: Natural Capital Asset Check

To develop the framework and address evidence issues in order to perform a Natural Capital Asset Check.

Work Package 2: Macroeconomics

To provide a scoping review and research agenda for understanding the macroeconomic implications of ecosystem service change and management in the UK.

Work Package 3a: Economic Values of Ecosystem Services

To conduct economic analysis of the value of ecosystem service change to the UK, examining the trade-offs between selected ecosystem services and their values arising from alternative land-uses.

Work Package 3b: Marine Economics

To value ecosystem services in coastal and marine environments; investigate how they link to changes in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems through appropriate indicators of change; and understand how future changes to the marine environment may impact ecosystem service delivery.

Work Package 4: Cultural Ecosystem Services

To extend the theoretical, methodological and practical understanding of Cultural Ecosystem Services.

Work Package 5: Cultural, Shared and Plural Values

To understand the respective impact of cultural, shared and plural values, versus aggregated individual values on decision making and outcomes.

Work Package 6: Scenarios

To deepen the analysis of the six scenarios developed in the UK NEA to facilitate the inclusion of a wider range of ecosystem services and explore how these influence well-being values.

Work Package 7: Response Options and Their Viability Concerning NEA Scenarios

To assess viability and interaction of current policies/practices/institutions for delivering an Ecosystem Approach against the UK NEA scenarios, and therefore the implications for the design of future response options.

Work Package 8: Institutional Cultural and Behavioural Barriers

To examine the cultural and behavioural barriers and enablers to embedding consideration of ecosystem knowledge in policy decision-making.

Work Packages 9 & 10: Tools - Applications, Benefits and Linkages for Ecosystems (TABLES)

Review, develop and enhance tools and resources to take account of the findings/methods of the UK NEA.