The Delivery stage is about making the policy, plan, project or programme (PPPP) a reality on the ground. The previous stages should have involved those responsible for delivery in order to ensure that the plan is reality-proofed and ‘shovel-ready’. It is also important to build in flexibility in the Delivery phase to accommodate unexpected issues (note these in the Evaluate phase).

Key questions and tools

  • Can a desired action be adapted to the situation on the ground?
  • Are the planned outcomes being delivered?
  • What can be done to ensure objectives are secured?
  • How can you build in public engagement to your policy, plan, project or programme (PPPP)?
  • Please note that we recommend that engagement should continue throughout all stages of the policy cycle.
  • What are the key lessons that you have learned during this stage?
  • Keep a record of these for the Evaluate stage.

Prompts for discussion

  • Use the tools identified in the Plan phase and consider consulting specific guidance and examples of good practice to help overcome unexpected difficulties.
  • Liaise with those people on the ground delivering the plan to ensure satisfactory progress.
  • What are the key lessons emerging from the Ideas, Survey, Assess, Plan and Deliver phases thus far? Use the suite of indicators developed in the Ideas phase to help.